Confused About What to Tweet?

Are you a small business and looking to increase your reach to potential customers and clients?  As a small business owner you should concentrate on the rule of thirds.  One-third of your tweets should be about sales and marketing, one-third about general information and one-third should be about company information.

What to tweet about Sales and Marketing?

  • Event sign-up
  • Time-limited sales
  • Coupon codes
  • Website specials
  • Store/service specials
  • Contests

*Your sales and marketing pitches should be short so they can be retweeted.

What to tweet about Company information?

  • Your blog posts, site updates
  • Staff news
  • Customer support
  • Customer/clients news
  • Product tips
  • Press mentions

What to tweet about General Information?

  • Industry news
  • Retweets
  • Ask questions
  • Request help/suggestions
  • Personal Information

You may ask how often should I tweet?  Research has shown that small to medium businesses tweet on average 4 to 5 times a day.  Tweet at different times of the day.

Social media is here to stay, it is virtually impossible to ignore the potential power that social media can bring to your business.

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Create a Mobile Marketing Campaign with QR Codes

You may ask what is a Quick Response Code?

They’re better known as QR Codes.  Even if the name doesn’t sound familiar, chances are you have seen one.  They are quickly becoming the new trend in interactive marketing, posted on walls and brochures, business cards, flyers, and restaurant menus are just a few of the places that you’ll see QR codes.

Now you maybe asking what exactly is a QR code, and what does it do?  A QR Code is a square block with black modules surrounded by a white background. image It is designed for users to quickly scan the image with their camera on their smartphones.  After the code is scanned it transfers specific information to the user’s smartphone, such as coupons, maps or website links.  They help bridge the gap between traditional marketing and new media.

These codes are made to be quick and easy to use, so that they can be quickly scanned. They open up a wide variety of marketing options for small businesses and nonprofits. QR Codes allow you to get customers to “like” and “follow” you on social media. They also help to drive traffic to your website and service offerings, widening your customer reach.

If you are a salon or spa owner you can direct users to a video or a collage of your styles.   You can show off before and after photos, new hairstyles, how-to-video, link to a special “unlimited time only” coupon for a new service or product.  Nonprofits can use QR Codes to direct potential donors to their “Donate Now Page”, link to their calendar of events page,  or their programs and services page.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. Ask yourself:

  • Where are the folks I want to reach?
  • What do I want those folks to do?

Have you Google’d You?

Today there is a lot more personal information popping up on the web. You may say, “I don’t use Social Media, so I’m sure there’s nothing on the web about me”!  But, have you ever thought about some of your friends might mention your name on Facebook or Twitter, or tag you in photos, or your name could appear in a blog post.

Google Yourself?  TRY IT…

You maybe surprised how easy it is for people to learn more about you online, just by Googling your name. Google is typically the first place people look for information that’s published about you.  Googling yourself is fast and easy — simply search your name on Google and check out the results.  To get the most accurate search results, search for things like your name, email address, home address, city and phone number.  Put quotes around your search for the exact phrase.

Remember, everything you do online, from liking a Facebook page to uploading photos contributes to your online reputation.

Explore with me Social Media 101!

I invite you to come along with me as I take this awesome journey through my social media marketing certification program.  I will be posting interesting tidbits from my classes along the way.  I will gladly answer questions or elaborate further on any tidbits of interest.

Let’s get started! I guess this being my first post in my new Social Media 101 blog I should give my take on social media.  Well, I think it’s about building Relationships and Connecting!

Wikipedia definition:  Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

What is Social Networking: Meeting people with similar interests.

Social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to name a few. These are places where social interaction happen.  (Discovering and Sharing)

Social Media Marketing – is the way to use technology to build relationships, drive repeat business, and attract new customers through friends sharing with friends.

Really if you think about it social media marketing is just word-of-mouth powered by technology.

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