How to Start A Gift Basket Business

Do you want to work from home? Do you want a business that is lucrative, a business that already has a well-established market?
You might consider the gift basket business. For a host of reasons, people love gift baskets. They love to get gift baskets, and they also love to buy them. Let’s face it: it makes gift shopping simple. Don’t know what you get your teenage niece whom you haven’t seen in three years? Gift basket it is! Don’t know what to get your female employees for the holidays? Gift basket it is!
Would you like to cash in on this? Then you might consider starting a gift basket business. First, you will need to purchase an inventory, and some gift supplies, e.g. tissue paper, ribbons, etc. Then, you will need to create a website, through which your customers can order your gift baskets. (You can hire a professional web designer to build you this type of site.) Then, you will need to spread the word. Tell your family and friends to tell their family and friends. It would be helpful to purchase some advertising. All total, with an investment of about $5,000, you could be the owner of your own at-home business. (Of course, you would need to leave home whenever you had to ship one of your baskets!)
If this investment doesn’t sound feasible, you might consider exploring La Bella Baskets (  LaBella Baskets is an online gift basket retailer that allows individual consultants to sell their baskets for a 20% -35% commission. There is virtually no startup cost. La Bella gives you your own professionally designed website, so you don’t have to deal with collecting and processing payments. You also don’t have to deal with purchasing products and assembling baskets – which means you never have to deal with a glue gun! La Bella does all the work for you for a monthly fee of under $25.00.
You would still need to spread the word yourself. Tell your friends and family to tell their friends and family. Your customers visit your La Bella website to purchase the gift basket they need. La Bella assembles and ships the basket directly to the customer, and you get paid! It’s really very simple.
Whichever route you go, this is truly the time to start a gift basket business. For whatever reason, baskets just seem to be in style! You might as well be one of the ones who takes advantage of this trend! It could be the ticket to you getting to work in your pajamas!

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