Real Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Take your Business to the next level with REAL SOLUTIONS…

Benefits of using ME as your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  1. You use a Virtual Assistant only when needed
  2. You can delegate activities that are not dollar productive, so you have time to do what you do best – SELL
  3. You are not responsible for any employee related taxes, insurance or benefits
  4. You have no overhead
  5. You have a PARTNER to help you succeed

The core goals of any real estate professional utilizing social media is to attract sellers looking to list their home or buyers looking to purchase a home.

Let me help you grow your real estate business with our Social Media Marketing campaign.

  • Together we will develop a marketing strategy, budget and create goals and expectations
  • Evaluate your needs – Are you looking to attract buyers, sellers or referrals
  • Set-up your social media accounts and populate with SEO rich content
  • Increase visibility and generate interaction on Facebook and Twitter
  • Maintain your networks, sending responses when necessary
  • Post local events, articles, stats, and listings
  • Create and maintain custom QR codes for your listings
  • Submit your blog to online directories and blog social networking communities to increase SEO

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