Internet Marketing Basics

The existence of search engines have altered the dynamics of marketing. There is a lot more to marketing than ranking in search engines.

Marketing is all about significance: the quality of being worthy of attention. Building your marketing around building your significance is a powerful tool.

Significance takes work, but significance always work!

You can’t go out and buy significance, you have to stand out from the crowd, and be useful by providing definite value.

Some sites to check out:

Quora, questions and answers from people that actually know about the topic they are writing about. You can find questions people have about your subject matter and answer them. Be the subject matter expert.

Ubersuggest, a free keyword suggestion tool.

Followerwonk, helps you connect with the right people on twitter.

Sproutsocial, search your brand over multiple search engines and you can answer questions as they come available.

Outbrain, paid advertising

Also check out Unbounce, and Crazyegg.

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