Have you Google’d You?

Today there is a lot more personal information popping up on the web. You may say, “I don’t use Social Media, so I’m sure there’s nothing on the web about me”!  But, have you ever thought about some of your friends might mention your name on Facebook or Twitter, or tag you in photos, or your name could appear in a blog post.

Google Yourself?  TRY IT…

You maybe surprised how easy it is for people to learn more about you online, just by Googling your name. Google is typically the first place people look for information that’s published about you.  Googling yourself is fast and easy — simply search your name on Google and check out the results.  To get the most accurate search results, search for things like your name, email address, home address, city and phone number.  Put quotes around your search for the exact phrase.

Remember, everything you do online, from liking a Facebook page to uploading photos contributes to your online reputation.


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