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Healthy Alternatives – Diabetic Friendly Gift Baskets

Diabetic Friendly Gift Baskets

Diabetic Friendly Gift Baskets

Say you care with a gift that cares for the health of your loved ones. Our sugar free gift baskets feature gourmet foods and snacks for those on your gift list that have special dietary needs.

Here’s a hard-to-find gift for the diabetic or for the dieter!

4 oz Just Chocolates Sugar Free Candies
Sugar Free Asst Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Sugar Free Assorted Fruit candies
4 oz. Gourmet Coffee
Water Cracker
Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Sticks
Creamy Port Salut Cheese Dip
White Cheddar Popcorn
Dark Stain Wicker Basket

Enhance the Relationships with Buy online Gift Baskets

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Any item that is given by an individual to any other person which mainly opens the eyes of his heart providing him with immense pleasure and joy is known as a gift. Gifts are given by elders to their younger or to a friend on any occasion or promotion. Now-a-days it is really better to go online and look for the best gift basket supplies which you can give it as a gift to someone. You can even go for online gift baskets ideas which will make it real easy for you without spending too much effort on it. There is no need to worry about and you don’t have to think in the last hour what to give to your loved one.

Online shopping websites have earned huge popularity due to convenience and easy to shop without facing any kind of difficulties. You can even find many online suppliers…

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Using Pinterest to Market Your Vacation Rental

Why Visual Social Media is Important for Vacation Rentals?

Rentini Blog for World Travelers and Vacation Rental Owners

Pinterest  is one of the newest and most hard hitting players in the social media world. Below we have listed some statistics to get you excited about the platform and why vacation rental owners should be taking advantage of our “Pin-it to win it” contest we just launched.

  • Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network (Experian)since it took the internet by storm in February 2012 when it reached 10.4 million users (AppData).
  • Despite it not yet getting as much traffic as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in their history (RJMetrics).
  • Daily Pinterest users have increased by more than 145% since the beginning of 2012. (Mashable)
  • As of January 2012, American users spent an average of 97.8 minutes on Pinterest. (eMarketer

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What are Facebook “Likes” and ” Talking About This”

So what are “Likes” and “Talking About This”, and why should I be concerned about either?

Facebook’s definition of “Like”:

Clicking “Like” under something you or your friend posts on Facebook is an easy way to let someone know that you enjoy it, without leaving a comment.  Just like a comment, the fact that you liked it is noted beneath the item.  Why this matters is because your message can get passed on to tons of people as a result of this sharing process.

Facebook’s definition of “Talking About This”:

  • When someone Likes your page
  • Sharing, liking or commenting on your post
  • Answering a question
  • Responding to an event
  • Mentions your page
  • Tags your page in a photo
  • Recommends your page
  • Claiming an offer

Whenever one of the above items occur, and it results in a news feed story being generated – then your Talking About This number increases by one.  Remember, this number only shows the engagement for the last 7 days.

So, you may ask, “Why is This Important”? If you do not know what’s generating your Talking About This number, then how will you know what type of information to post.  CHECK YOUR PAGE INSIGHTS!!!!

Quick Facebook Tips for Realtors

There are over one billion people using Facebook.  Facebook is where people go to connect with their friends and family.  As a Realtor your task is to connect with friends and family of clients. 

Take your business to the next level with REAL SOLUTIONS…

  • Facebook Tip #1:  Don’t use your personal Facebook account for your real estate business.
  • Facebook Tip #2:  Show off your listings.  The golden rule is 80/20 in social media. 80% should be posts about your customer’s interest; 20% should be about you. 
  • Facebook Tip #3:  Add an IDX  Home Search to your Facebook Page.  Your active listings are automatically imported from your local MLS into a Featured Tab on your business page.  visitors can interact with your listings by liking, commenting, or sharing.   Meet your next buyer on Facebook!
  • Facebook Tip#4:  Use images in your posts – They are the most engaging.
  • Facebook Tip #5:  Show your clients you care – comment on their posts – show them that you’re interested.
  • Facebook Tip #6:  Use Hashtags to connect with your market

Facebook is huge, and there is an abundance of opportunities for you to capture more buyer and seller leads.

Barb Social Media Tips

Take your business to the next level with REAL SOLUTIONS…

Leveraging Hashtags

Hashtags are a way to categorize and link social medial conversations around particular topics, themes and keywords. When hashtags are used correctly, they can be a great tool in your overall marketing strategy.

Key Benefits of Hashtags

  • Attract the RIGHT audience to your social media posts
  • Attract more targeted followers and friends
  • Boost popularity and online reputation

#BarbSocialMediaTips – Facebook #Hashtags

  1. #Hashtags appear as a hyperlink within your Facebook status update
  2. #Hashtags offer a unique URL that is easy to share in your social media channels
  3. #Hashtags are subject to Facebook algorithm, so posts with more engagement will get higher listings in hashtag searches

Hashtags Points:

  • Expand visibility with #hashtags.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your audience
  • Search other social sites to see what keywords are popular in your market
  • Keep #hashtags consistent across all your social media platforms

Real Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Take your Business to the next level with REAL SOLUTIONS…

Benefits of using ME as your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  1. You use a Virtual Assistant only when needed
  2. You can delegate activities that are not dollar productive, so you have time to do what you do best – SELL
  3. You are not responsible for any employee related taxes, insurance or benefits
  4. You have no overhead
  5. You have a PARTNER to help you succeed

The core goals of any real estate professional utilizing social media is to attract sellers looking to list their home or buyers looking to purchase a home.

Let me help you grow your real estate business with our Social Media Marketing campaign.

  • Together we will develop a marketing strategy, budget and create goals and expectations
  • Evaluate your needs – Are you looking to attract buyers, sellers or referrals
  • Set-up your social media accounts and populate with SEO rich content
  • Increase visibility and generate interaction on Facebook and Twitter
  • Maintain your networks, sending responses when necessary
  • Post local events, articles, stats, and listings
  • Create and maintain custom QR codes for your listings
  • Submit your blog to online directories and blog social networking communities to increase SEO

Should Your Business be Using Google+?

You ask, “Should your business be using Google+?”   I say, “YES”,  if for no other reason other than Google is still the #1 visited website.

Google+ is a powerful social media marketing tool that ties into social media, content marketing and search optimization.

  • Google+ Local – allows your local customers to find you and visit your physical location.  When potential customers “GOOGLE” your business Google+ will show them your business description, photo’s and reviews posted by customers and recommendations from people in their circles.
  • Google+ SEO – Google search engine gives preference to Google products.
  • Google+ Hangout – connects you with your customers via face to face chat.  Great for customer service!
  • Google+ Circles – lets you organize your connections by demographics and interests.  You can then send circles only relevant targeted information that interest them.

Should your business be using Google+ …. Absolutely!

Internet Marketing Basics

The existence of search engines have altered the dynamics of marketing. There is a lot more to marketing than ranking in search engines.

Marketing is all about significance: the quality of being worthy of attention. Building your marketing around building your significance is a powerful tool.

Significance takes work, but significance always work!

You can’t go out and buy significance, you have to stand out from the crowd, and be useful by providing definite value.

Some sites to check out:

Quora, questions and answers from people that actually know about the topic they are writing about. You can find questions people have about your subject matter and answer them. Be the subject matter expert.

Ubersuggest, a free keyword suggestion tool.

Followerwonk, helps you connect with the right people on twitter.

Sproutsocial, search your brand over multiple search engines and you can answer questions as they come available.

Outbrain, paid advertising

Also check out Unbounce, and Crazyegg.

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